CCTV Camera OSD Menu programming


CCTV Camera OSD Menu Programming

Below is various YOU-TUBE videos showing the OSD Programming menu in various Sony CCD & Sony DSP chipset cameras . The videos show you the various programmable features available , and how each setting changes the picture for each camera , also when possible that feature should be used. The videos contain both Sharp and Sony chips & the default OSD menu for both manufacturers . Most modern CCTV Cameras now either contain the OSD controller on the actual CCTV Camera lead as a joystick OR a button inside the Camera housing , depending on the actual Camera style . The videos show images from 420TVL cameras upto 700TVL.

A newer version of OSD controller is just been released in MID 2013 , it can be used on UTC compatible CCTV Cameras , it allows all OSD Featured CCTV Cameras to be programmed at the DVR end , instead of menu controls inside camera or via joystick camera lead . It resembles a credit card size controller which has a BNC female to BNC Male connector which plugs in between DVR and CCTV Camera video lead , making the setup & programming of OSD cameras easier —- The new feature is called UTC ,, So most of the newer OSD cameras should now start coming with UTC feature compatible.

First we have got Sony DSP 3142R (420TVL)

Sharp CCD RJ2355/2365 – DSP Nextchip 2040 (600TVL)

Sony CCD 638/639BK  - Sony DSP NEXTCHIP2040 (600TVL)

Sony CCD 638/639BK  -  Sony DSP RJ10 (650TVL)

Sony CCD 672/673AK  - Sony DSP Effio-e  700TVL Chipset

The above videos give a demostration of the picture & resolution from each range of cameras running from 420TVL upto 700TVL

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